5 Free Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking Of Website

5 Free Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking Of Website

Having a good Alexa Rank for blog plays a big role if someone wants to get success in blogging career. Although there is no evidence that Alexa Rank can affect SEO but a good Alexa Rank can help to build the reputation of a website. Unfortunately, there is no proper guideline on how to rank websites in Alexa. So in this article, we will talk about 5 Free Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking Of Website. Before that let’s learn first What is Alexa Ranking.

What Is Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a web information company that collects data of websites and rank those accordingly. It is a competitive ranking to show how your website stands against other websites. It shows how your rank worldwide and also specific country wise from where the website is getting more traffic

How Alexa Rank Websites

Alexa collects a different set of data of website which mainly included traffic data, backlink, external links etc., It also collects information about the bounce rate and keyword matrices. Below are some parameters which Alexa consider while ranking websites

• How the traffic is flowing to a website
• Total time spent by a visitor
• Quality of views
• Bounce rate
• Number of Inbound and Outbound links
• Count of social media share
• How fast the site loads
• The interface of the website.

Why do you need Alexa Rank

The popularity of a website cannot be entirely determined by Alexa Ranking, It’s true that Alexa Ranking plays a role but other factors like domain authority (DA), Page authority play the major role. If the Alexa Rank is good it is assumed that the DA & PA will also be good. Some companies look into Alexa Ranking before giving advertisement to that website. So it’s good to have a good Alexa Ranking.

How to improve Alexa Rank?

Frankly speaking, you can’t do much to improve the ranking. You just have to keep on posting articles and make sure there is enough traffic to your website. If traffic is increasing, automatically Alexa Rank will also rank. But unless you follow some best practices, only writing article won’t help. So this article will have those 5 Free Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking Of Website.

How frequently Alexa change the ranking

Typically daily Alexa changing ranking but there is no definite rule and you can’t be sure when they change ranking. If your website ranking is more than a million, then updates will be less frequent but for Ranking less than a million, the ranking changes daily ( Exceptions are available)

Alexa Rank affect SEO?

Well, there is no relation between Alexa rank and SEO but if your Alexa rank is good you will enjoy more traffic to your website. As we already know that one of the key factors for good Alexa rank is the number of backlinks. So if you have more backlink your traffic will improve and at the same time, Alexa rank will also improve. But as I said Google does not rank websites based on what Alexa rank the website has.

Alexa Tool Bar

Having the Alexa toolbar can improve website Alexa ranking if the current ranking is less than a million. But don’t expect a wonder here. If it is so everyone would have installed Alexa Toolbar and improve their website ranking overnight. What the Alexa toolbar does is that it detects the number of time the website was accessed and how much time people spent on the website. That data helps Alexa to think about whether it should improve the ranking or not. Since Alexa toolbar is installed in your local machine, so it expected that you will only visit your website and that’s the reason there won’t be much improvement in ranking.
To install Alexa Tool Bar you will have to follow below process.

Improve Alexa Ranking Of Website
• Go to Alexa Toolbar page
• Click on install the toolbar
• Alexa will install the toolbar based on the browser you have.

Alexa Widget

Alexa toolbar counts visits to your website. But you can’t be sure that if someone has installed the Alexa toolbar or not. If the visitor does not have Alexa toolbar then Alexa cannot detect hits and Alexa rank won’t improve. That is where Alexa widget can help. You can install the Alexa Widget in your website and place it on the sidebar. So whenever anyone visits your website, Alexa widget can detect the visit and improve the ranking.
To get Alexa widget you can install plugin and active it. Once activated a widget will appear under Appearance -> Widget section. You can drag that widget and place it wherever you want.

Write Content Regularly

Content is king. No one like to website a website which was not updated for a long time. You need to adopt a practice to upload content regularly. In the worst case, two articles per week should work. I see many people don’t upload contents for a month but all of a sudden in a day they upload 10 articles. This practices won’t help and you need to upload regularly instead of all at once.

Original Content

Like Google is strict about duplicate content, Alexa also considers original content a key factor for ranking. Original content helps in two way. It helps to rank that articles in the search result and Alexa loves original articles. On top of that if the article is unique there is a good chance that it will get viral easily and can pull enormous traffic.

Social Media Share

There will be hardly anyone nowadays who are not connected to social media. So if an article is shared in social media websites, it can help to pull traffic. Also, it’s a known fact that the more we share an article in social media, the more popular it will be considering that article has original and useful content. Personally, I observed that if I share an article on Pinterest, it get ranked quickly than any other platform. But it’s a best practice to share articles to maximum possible social media websites to get the maximum exposure.

Bonus Tips: Optimize Website for Speed

In 2019 speed matters to rank a website. A website having more than 3 seconds of load time loses more than 50 % of traffic. A slow website also affects the bounce rate as people hate to wait. So a website needs to very fast to load if it needs to have a good Alexa ranking. Here is an article which talks about two WordPress plugin which can increase website speed drastically.

Wrapping Up!

Following the above best practices might help to achieve good Alexa ranking. But there is an assurance that these tricks will surely boost ranking as Alexa depends on many other factors that many of may not be aware of. Also, Alexa changes the algorithm of ranking very frequently. So it’s hard to predict how to when your website will rank good even following all best practices.

That’s all I have in this article. Hopefully, you got some useful information in this article. If you have any questions, then do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.

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