About BlogByts

BlogByts was started back in May 2019 in a mission to spread knowledge about how to do blogging, how to become a successful blogger, tools to use and best practice to follow for blogging. BlogByts also post articles on SEO best practices and WordPress Tutorials. Our domain spreads into digital marketing as well, where we post about e Marketing, social networking and online money making tools.

Below is the summary of topics that we usually cover in this blog.

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Key People

Rajib Das

I take the privilege to administrate this blog while my wife being the owner. By profession, I am a Mechanical Engineer for the last 15 years mainly into Mechanical Design. This 15 years with major corporate helped me to gain knowledge on multiple domains and traveled most of the geography in India and USA. I choose to travel on and off whenever time permits, preferably on business needs. But I never miss a chance to write for BlogByts whenever I get a chance.

I offer to respond to any of your queries, complain or suggestions. You can always be in touch with me over email at [email protected] or if you prefer to contact over social media handles you can do that by following me on Facebook and Twitter